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from 34,399 euros


The new

with 90kW , 150kW or 180kW

Dual and Powerful

WHB Charging
Energy transition from a single source

A brand of
WHB metal design & charging

Solar Panels


We see it as our task to advise our private customers as well as from the commercial sector professionally in the field of the energy transition and to develop the best possible concepts according to the state of the art.

Project planning 

We can implement the developed concepts with a number of partners throughout Germany. Our goal is to hand over a flawless and functioning product to our customer. 



In addition to the pure planning and implementation of charging solutions, we also support you with the integration of existing systems such as photovoltaic systems and battery systems. In addition, we take on the preparation of funding applications and can also provide other structural services with our metal products.

Would you like to find out more about our company and our concept? 

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