Our services 

Our complete package for the energy transition includes a wide variety of services from charging infrastructure to building locksmithing. 

Private & Commercial


WHB wallbox

  • 11 kW or 22 kW  

  • MID electricity meter  

  • WiFi, Ethernet and 4G  

  • Integrated type 2 charging cable

  • 3.5 / 5/7 meter cable length

  • LCD touch screen

  • Access protection via RFID

  • Load management possible via OCPP1.6

  • Backend connection possible  

  • For private use too  100% funded

wallbox duo.png

WHB Wallbox Duo

  • 22 kW in total

  • 11 kW per side  

  • MID electricity meter  

  • WiFi, Ethernet and 4G  

  • Integrated type 2 charging cable

  • 3.5 / 5/7 meter cable length

  • LCD touch screen

  • Access protection via RFID

  • Load management possible via OCPP1.6

  • Backend connection possible 

22 Ladesäule_Transperent_edited.png

WHB Public

  • Public 22 kW charging system

  • Compliant with calibration  

  • Billable  

  • Acceptable as a counting and measuring station by the network operator

  • WiFi, Ethernet and 4G  

  • Type 2 connection

  • Access protection via RFID

  • Backend connection

  • Fundable with up to € 4,000 per charging point

180 kw_TRansperent_edited.png

WHB Fast Charger 

  • Public charging system with a total output of 90/180/360 kW  

  • Up to two charging points per charging station  

  • CCS 2 connection  

  • 5 meters of cable

  • MID electricity meter  

  • LCD touch screen

  • Ethernet and 4G  

  • Backend connection 



Sockel Premium.png

Metal stand

For the integration of our WHB wall boxes and WHB public charging stations, we offer sensors made of stainless steel, which can either be powder-coated in a stainless steel look or in an individual color. In addition, we offer the option of integrating your company logo into the stand.

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Individual metal solutions 

By integrating locksmithing and metal design in the WHB group  Customized solutions for integrating our energy products into the local conditions are possible.  

Ebene 28.png

WHB Mobile DC Fast Charger 

  • Mobile 30 kW DC charger

  • Integrated 3.5 m CCS 2 charging cable

  • Connection via 22 kW type 2 plug * or via 64 A three-phase socket  

  • Can be operated with low voltage  

  • Access protection via RFID

  • Touch screen  

  * When operated with a 22 kW type 2 plug, the output power is limited to 22 kW

Kreislauf symbol.png

Bidirectional charging


  • Bidirectional energy transfer

  • Loading the vehicle in the event of overcapacity

  • Unloading of the vehicle in case of increased demand

  • Traction battery as energy storage

  • Wallbox as charge / discharge control

  • Compensate for peak loads, save on network charges

  • Use of the full potential of installed photovoltaic systems

  • Permanent supply of home / company with self-produced electricity

  • No need for additional stationary storage

  • Consistent

  • Cost efficient


So far, it has been standard to charge your e-car - similar to a combustion engine - and then take the charge onto the road.

This is being revolutionized with bidirectional charging or "Vehicle to Grid" (V2G). Unforeseen opportunities arise for companies and private individuals as a result of the re-enabling of vehicle charging in the power grid: The vehicle becomes a battery on wheels and the previous storage capacities are enormously supplemented.

Additional services

Battery Test_3

Energy storage

Coordination of storage systems to the conditions on site. Implementation of individual storage systems from our partners. 

Future provision of WHB 2nd use battery systems. 


Photovoltaic systems

Consulting, planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems with our partners. 

Individual coordination of the systems with the charging infrastructure and the power requirements on site.

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Energy advice and conception 

Our goal is not only to offer excellent products in the energy sector, but also to advise customers individually and develop suitable concepts. By being able to use our own hardware, we can offer our customers a comprehensive product, from initial advice to conceptual design and the submission of funding applications.

Man Signing

Project planning and implementation

We not only advise the customer and create concepts, but also implement them in a targeted manner. We want to offer our customers a functioning and competently implemented complete solution.

Project management